Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Liberal Vs. Conservative Media

Today I've decided to broach a touchy subject, one that tends to be an indicator for the amount of polarization that has occured among modern Americans, though it is, by no means, a new debate. And that is the today's mainstream media inherently liberal or conservative? It is a question that draws a wide range of seemingly contradictory answers, and inevitably leads to some extremely passionate debates which often cannot be simply resolved or won. Why? Because the question itself is fundamentally flawed, and furthermore, the cause of the question's flaw is indicatory of a greater problem within the modern incarnation of American two-party politics. And that problem is this...does the current system address the full range of political thought and feelings among the voting public, or is it purposely slighted to give advantage to a select range of political ideals and philosophies? In other words, by examining the argument of liberal vs. conservative media we can gain considerable insight into the failings of the Republican Vs. Democrat stigma that has silenced a considerable portion of the American political landscape.

The fundemental problem lies with a concept that you might call '2-D politics', or in other words, looking at the political landscape as a linear plane consisting of a definitive left, center, and right. On the surface, this system appears to work, but there is a deeper underlying problem. There are two major factors involved in your personal political stance, your social views, and your economic views (keeping in mind I am over-simplifying because I am in no way a political expert, I'm just a poet making an observation). Now the problem with the '2-D' approach, is that it assumes that both your social and economic views fall in line with each other, like for example, that if you believe in small goverment, that you are also against abortion and gay marriage. In other words, it is a drastically over-simplified system which does not in any way address the political mindset of modern Americans. The plain and simple fact of the matter is this, both the social and economic variables MUST be taken into consideration to give accurate representation to the people.

In my humble opinion, the concept of two-party politics is a deliberate attempt to keep federal power confined within a small group of the elite who consider themselves to be the American aristocracy. Think about it, in all the things that matter most to the people as a whole, both the Democrats and Republicans have strikingky similar stances...the Patriot Act, Iraq, Israel, Energy Policy, pre-emptive warfare, drug policy, corporate call today's Democrats Republican-lite is to miss the point entirely, our goverment abandoned the concept of 'We the People' a long time ago, it was subverted from within with the advent of the Federal Reserve and foreign ownership, and became a self-serving monster representative of trans-national corporations and the core elite. The Bush machine is not the disease, it is a symptom of a deeper underlying rot that threatens to crumble the American way of life from within.

Thus, a new concept of political representation must be propagated, and it has to start at a local level and be built into a credible and powerful voice to be heard by the turned minds and closed hearts of the elite matrix. I highly recommend reading this article by Geoff Prince, in which he explains all this much better than I ever could, he also illustrates a much more effective system of political representation which could, and should, be used as a basis for the re-invention of American Democracy.

And finally, back to the question of the let's ask ourselves where they stand. The answer becomes obvious upon examination. They are simply greedy and self-serving...Do they protect Bushco and the neocons? Yes, most definitely, but is because they too are conservative? No, they are simply protecting their loyal bitch in the White House who makes they're wildest profit-making dreams come true while he allows them to consolidate and conglomerate into the ultimate propaganda system. But hey, doesn't the media stream all kinds of sex and violence into our homes? Yes, but do they do it because they have some secret plan to liberalize you're precious brain-washed children? No, they do it because you're buying it up faster than they can spit it out. See, the media doesn't really stand anywhere on any political spectrum except the 'let's make billions and billions of dollars while kids starve in our own country' stance...So there you have it, now, let's quit fucking arguing and get out on the streets and actually make something happen. It doesn't matter where you stand, we are all equal when it comes to our responsibility to the future of our country, our enviroment, and our world.

TAKE ACTION NOW...This link will crack you up...then go find a local peace group, get involved, educate your friends...just do something, every little thing helps add up to a better tommorow...

A little poetry for ya'...

The Storyteller
The moon
Its hollow light whispering to the ground
Its waves caressing the cool air
Rises into the night sky
Its hands reaching for the face of God
The quietness of its voice
As it cries to the sky
And tells of times past
Its eyes
A window into eternity
The moon
Rises into the night sky.

Unmistaking Me
Floating so
completely powerless
But I don't care.
They're taking me
Replacing me, unmistaking me
And all my pain is falling as
I ascend into the sky
Like sleeping so peacefully
Watching the earth fade away
Melt away as their lasers destroy
them, recreate them, and bring them
back again
Like dreaming they heal me mesmerize
me hypnotize me and I’m floating
so completely powerless
But I don't care
They've taken me
Replacen me unmistaken me
And the sunrays are dancing
inside my head
Like the breeze I'm seeming
without being and I'm melting
As I ascend into the sky.



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you absolutely rock...from music to political commentary to poetry. love your blog, my fav poem is "unmistaking me". it hit me hard n true...very unique:)take care, you!

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